Living with Arthritis: Young People’s Experiences

It’s almost three years to the day that launched a section on its website about young people’s experiences of living with arthritis. Most people who know my work tend to associate me with the PMLD field. However, before my postdoc I worked on a range of projects in education and healthcare. During one of these projects I was based at the Health Experiences Research Group, University of Oxford. My job as a qualitative researcher was to develop an online information resource for young people with arthritis and those involved in their care.  This involved interviewing about 40 young people with arthritis (aged 10-28) to learn about the condition from a patient perspective. 10 parents were also interviewed about their experiences of caring for a young person with arthritis. The results were analysed, summarised, and published online, with dozens of accompanying video and audio clips to contextualise the findings. There were also video diaries submitted by young people, and an interview with paediatric rheumatologist, Dr Janet McDonagh. If you’re interested in the topic or know a young person with arthritis then please feel free to browse and share the link. provides free and reliable health information on over 90 subjects such as cancer, HIV, mental health, autism, and Parkinson’s disease. With over 5 million visitors each year, 3,500+ interviewees on record, and an increasing catalogue of information on health and illness it’s a website that’s worth bookmarking!





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