Teaching: Controversial Issues in Special & Inclusive Education

We are midway through the MSc unit Controversial Issues in Special & Inclusive Education. 12 hours of input in four seminars! This year’s group is fantastic – international, engaged, experienced, and critical. I’ve been a bit cheeky and redesigned the unit around some personal interests in the field of SEN. Each week students tackle big questions and major themes, which so far consist of:

  1. Are all children ‘people’? (drawing on bioethics and personhood debates)
  2. Are all children ‘educable’? (drawing on psychological theory from the PMLD field)
  3. Are all children ‘researchable’? (drawing on research philosophy from disability studies)
  4. Are all children ‘includable’? (drawing on international debates about inclusive education in the Global North & South)

The sessions finish at 7.30pm which is tough-going, but the depth of discussions about such significant topics keeps me awake and keen for more. (Literally – I find it difficult to sleep when I get home because my head is buzzing with thoughts about the discussions). Next week we have guest doctoral researchers presenting their work which should be fab!


(Pictured: Inside of Wills Memorial, University of Bristol)



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